Influencer Matchmaking

Matching influencers with creators, brands, and distributors.

How it works

At OGM, we leverage our industry connections (posh way of saying people we've had a few cocktails with at some point) to pair influencers with the brands and distributors they need. We call it the "win for all" solution.

Creation is only the beginning

To truly move the needle for our clients, our in-house marketing and PR team work in conjunction with our distributors to ensure maximum visibility for every piece of OGM content.


Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners have a combined reach of over 40 million active monthly users on their streaming platforms alone.


Digital Marketing

Our in-house marketing team work closes with our distributors to coordinate multi-platform awareness campaigns.


PR Campaigns

From press releases to interviews and appearances, our PR team know how to generate the hype your production deserves.

Let's get social

OGM Productions comes fully loaded with a team of social media experts, ready to create and amplify the content that gets your project noticed.

A few happy influencers...

Working to our influencers needs, we've created and shared content across websites and streaming platforms that get more hits per day than Scarlett Johansson's Tinder profile.


GloZell Green

Project Title: Is You Okay?

Format: 6-part docu-follow series

Distribution: All episodes streaming on Crackle Plus (40 million active monthly users)

Join OG influencer GloZell Green and her celebrity friends as they offer their comical, quirky opinions on personal wellness, makeup tips, parenthood, and much more.

Trailer Coming Soon

Richard Sherman

Project Title: Adulting

Format: Digital series

Distribution: Million Stories Media

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman gives us the lowdown on how to make money work for you. Tips and tricks on earning more, saving more, spending less, and still living a rich and fulfilling life.

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