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OGM Originals

OGM Productions produces short films, features, docu-series, and more.

How we roll

We work with up and coming writers, directors, producers, and actors, to bring powerful stories from the page to the big screen.

A few of our productions

OGM is proud to get behind up and coming creators, bringing their stories to life as independently financed feature films.

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Format: Feature Film

Synopsis: When washed up, divorced dad Alex reaches the end of his tether, he takes out an ad in the classifieds, asking for someone to put him out of his misery. His responder, October, happens to be in the middle of her own downward spiral.

Will she fulfill Alex's request?

Three Headed Beast

Format: Feature Film

Synopsis: A long term couple have a healthy and open relationship, until a naive young man enters their lives. Individual fears, desires, and loneliness collide over a hot Texas summer, playing out as an intimate, provocative tale.


Young Lion of the West

Format: Feature Film


Synopsis: A tenacious club promoter in Rochester goes against his fearsome bosses wishes and attempts to open a rival club in this gritty East coast tale of deceit, manipulation, and courage in the face of oppression.